Understanding Your Hub's Performance

Within the platform, the Performance page captures and produces reports about the performance of your hub and its collaborators. 

It can be found for each hub by clicking the  Hub Settings icon > Performance.

The page is divided into three main sections: the overall hub data, your hub's top posts, and the performance of your collaborators.

Prior to viewing the data, you can select the time period you wish to see the data for. You have the following options: 

  • Past week, 
  • Past month,
  • Past 180 days, or 
  • Past year.

Hub Data

The hub data gives you an indication of the overall activity and engagement of your hub. The graph displays the number of page views, posts, comments, and likes your hub received. 

You can

  • hover over a specific time period to see the specific number of each activity. 
  • Click the legend to add or remove any of the metrics from the graph. 

Top Posts

This section lists the posts with the most page views during the selected time period. You can click on the post title to view the post. 

Use this section to your advantage! It can give you insights into the type of posts that are most popular or engaging with your visitors. 

Collaborator Data

The last section shows a similar graph as the hub data. It differs because this shows all the activities of your collaborators. 

It also provides you with a list view of the same information, along with an overall score of activities for each individual user. 

We also recommend analytics tracking using Google Analytics. Find out how you can do so here!

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